How To Deal with Unbearable Family Members

Your mom is driving you insane. She’s always asking questions about something. There’s no way to please her. And every time you interact with her, she reveals how unhappy she is with your choices in life. You’re thinking about cutting the cord There are a few factors that will keep you tied. There are also … Read more

How To Talk With Teens

The most important to bear in your mind is that parents are sometimes wrong, but teenagers tend to be right almost all the time. This is why it is crucial that parents engage in an open conversation with their children, particularly when the subject discussed might cause discomfort or embarrassment to both parties. As good parenting doesn’t … Read more

Have a Good Family Life

A commercial holiday, Mother’s Day has come to be as a time to shop for chocolates and flowers or even stay home to make Mom breakfast at home.¬†But two recent studies from Beijing’s Market Research Center show that middle-class Chinese families would rather take their mothers on vacation to celebrate the holiday rather than throwing … Read more