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A commercial holiday, Mother’s Day has come to be as a time to shop for chocolates and flowers or even stay home to make Mom breakfast at home. But two recent studies from Beijing’s Market Research Center show that middle-class Chinese families would rather take their mothers on vacation to celebrate the holiday rather than throwing a lavish celebration.

The study revealed that those born between the years 1980 between 1980 and 2000 comprised 70% of those who prefer to go out and have fun with their family members on Mother’s Day weekend. The respondents also stated that they planned and participated in activities in a group and shared their feelings when traveling.

Based on the survey of the center that was released on May 1, 90 percent of the respondents thought that gatherings should be inclusive of both paternal and maternal side of their families. Parents and their children need to begin the gathering by having an enjoyable conversation and conclude with a thoughtful gift.

Ming Pao Daily — The results also indicated that the younger generation believed in the equality of females and males, sharing chores at home, and having a great relationship with their families.

“I know my mom has helped me a lot since I was young,” said Xu Jingjing, a 15-year-old student. “But I don’t think we really need to celebrate Mother’s Day.”

Xinhua – The year is Xinhua. Shanghai government officials are introducing new ways for residents in the city to be with their mothers during Mother’s Day: By bringing their mothers along for a trip around the city . Additionally authorities from Liaoning Department of Commerce says travel companies have scheduled a number of tours geared towards families traveling as they have noticed an increase in inquiries regarding the tours .

In the past year, nearly 90 million people traveled for leisure or business on the holiday as per the National Bureau of Statistics. In 2019, around 100 million people are expected to travel via plane or train . In addition, local businesses have planned special events to celebrate Mother’s Day . One centre in Shanghai has recently opened the “baby care zone” with doctors and nurseries for mothers with small children. Some malls are also planning morning shows with magicians and clowns.

These occasions could be essential to certain families the food chain of China’s economy as they don’t have the traditional values of a family, said Hemingway Wong Waiyin, chief of Asia Market Intelligence. He said that more than 50 % of those who participated in the center’s survey stated that they didn’t want to exert an effort to spend more time with their mothers.

“High-income families tend to interact less with their parents, because either the parents are busy making money or the children are too preoccupied by work and other issues,” Wong explained. “We might be seeing a generation of young adults who share little sense of responsibility or closeness toward their family.”

In addition, Hong Kong has seen an increase in the number of travelers on Mother’s Day . This year, 16 percent more people were on the road for Mother’s Day than the previous year, as per Edward Yau , senior manager of the Hong Kong Tourism Board’s regional offices.

“It is possible that certain demographics have discovered how meaningful it is to take their mothers on a trip,” Yau explained. “Also, mothers who receive gifts or other tokens [of affection] from their children may be more open to the idea of traveling .”

Despite the increasing number of Hong Kong residents and tourists travelling during Mother’s Day increasing and Chinese parents deciding to take trips rather than throwing huge parties, this year’s celebration didn’t seem to be focusing too heavily on spending on spending .

“I agree that we choose to go out with our mom because we can share stories and get closer to each other,” Xu stated. “On Mother’s Day, I would like to spend time quietly with my mother.”

– Lu Qi ( China Daily )

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