How to Know When a Girl is Hiding Something

It was an unexpected sequence of events that took place when the girl in freshman year who was taken to her room after being trapped in a dangerous situation in a football game with a player from another school, walked into her room smiling with her eyes.

“I thought you were going to be up there all night,” I joked. “Nah,” she laughed, “The moment he kissed me I felt…different.” She smiled and opened up the book she took down to her, before heading upstairs.

Why would my typically shy classmate exhibit change her attitude? The reason is that she can tell when something significant is taking place elsewhere. The woman’s intuition can be described as.

Although men are stronger and more adept at physically protecting their family members women tend to provide the initial line of defense against a potential attack. It is because of our inherent ability to recognize the signs of trouble. For instance, if men become silent, or when he takes his keys and reaches for his coat…we recognize there’s something wrong.

It usually takes the kind of “bad feeling,” a need to get on the news or discover what’s going on with someone. Sometimes it’s less clear but sometimes there’s a particular reason for why we have an idea of the situation of somebody else, even if we’re in a faraway place.

How much do we understand concerning this phenomenon? Can we make use of it to determine if someone is in danger prior to they actually getting into trouble Or can our ability to detect the signs that a woman is hiding something aid us in identifying indicators of infidelity within relationships? Find out more here and read on to find out. [ARTICLE END]


Many women find that their intuition or “sixth sense” is more than just a fascinating phenomenon. It’s real. The latest research from researchers from Indiana University suggests that women could be able detect tensions and other issues occurring outside of their own world based on the inherent understanding of the way that the world functions. For testing, this hypothesis researchers placed groups of female and male undergraduate students together in separate classrooms and had them complete a group project in a group. While they were working on the task, certain participants in the group were exposed to moderate stressors, such as flashing lights, unpleasant sounds, and foul odors. Following the completion of the assignment, students who were anxious reported feeling more connected with their female colleagues than those who didn’t have anything bad transpired while working.


This study suggests that women’s intuition isn’t just a common folktale. It could be linked to our ability to sense when someone we love is in danger or experiencing distress. Women are able to detect problems far from home or even in a different country twice as fast as men. Some scientists believe that this skill could be directly connected to women’s compassion and empathy and compassion. Other experts suggest that this phenomenon is known by the name “contagious stress.” According to this theory, when we see distress in people around us–even when they’re not people we know, it triggers the exact type of fear response we have for our own personal issues. When we experience anxiety, fear, or stress from another person there’s a high probability that they’re dealing with something challenging or even dangerous.


So, how do you know the signs that your partner is concealing something? If you’re a believer in those who have been in the know, then it may be time to consider an update in your love life! Research suggests that there are men who can be aware of and react rapidly to any changes in their partner’s

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