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Do you feel fortunate? Do you know what the Greece Powerball game is? If not, allow me to tell you everything. Because you must know before playing that what game is this? One of the most played lottery games in Greece is the Powerball game. It’s understandable why so many people want to try their luck given the minimum payout of €2 million and many has different draw me France Lotto Results

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You must know how to play this game however then you will know the result too

Playing the Greece Powerball lottery is really simple. You must select five numbers between 1 and 45, as well as a sixth number, known as the Powerball number, between 1 and 20 in order to participate. You win the grand prize if all six numbers match the ones that were chosen.

Every Thursday and Sunday at 21:00 CET, the Greece Powerball drawing takes place. Tickets can be bought up to one hour before the draw.

Tips to win

Play frequently: Your chances of winning increase as you play more.

Join a syndicate: You may boost your chances of winning without spending more money by joining a group of participants.

Pick hot and cold numbers: Hot numbers are those that are commonly drawn, while cold numbers are those that are less frequently drawn. Some gamers like selecting hot numbers, whilst others favour selecting cool numbers.

A lot of players pick numbers that create patterns on the ticket, such a straight line or a rectangle, to avoid using frequent number combinations. You improve your chances of winning by avoiding these usual number combinations.

Select the Powerball number carefully since it has the potential to significantly improve your earnings.

As winning numbers are announced in real time following each drawing, stay up to date with the results from the Greece Powerball game. With drawings every week on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings, there are three opportunities to win each week.

The Joker number is displayed after the five primary numbers. Visit these results for the Greece Powerball for additional details on the game. Lets talk about its results now

Every Sunday, Tuesday, and Thursday at 22:00 Eastern European Time (EET), the Greece Powerball, often known as the Joker, is drawn. At 21:30 EET, ticket sales end.

Greece Powerball Projection of the Jackpot

According to the Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A., the prize for the Greece Powerball, also known as the Joker, on Thursday, March 18, 2021, was worth €1.900.000 (about R33 465 035,29).

The most recent Greece Powerball results produced the following figures.

, since the winning numbers are broadcast live following each drawing. With drawings on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings, there are three opportunities to win each week.


Welcome to the newly renovated Greece Powerball, i am glad to say. This article may help you to locate the most recent Greece Powerball results after reading this article you may get updates  Increase your chances of winning by picking up some playing skills.  At 22:00 Eastern European Time (EET), the Greece Powerball, also known as the Joker, is drawn three times every week on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. At 21:30 EET, the sale of tickets ends. Find out how to play and improve your chosen numbers’ chances of winning here. The most recent draw results are available here.

Estimated Jackpot for the Greece Powerball

The jackpot for the Greece Powerball, also known as its official name, Joker, on Thursday, March 18, 2021, according to the Greek Organisation of Football Prognostics S.A., was a sum equal to R33 465 035,29 (about €1.900.000).

These numbers were produced using the most recent Greece Powerball results.

Here, winning numbers are posted in real-time following each drawing, so stay up to date with the results from the Greece Powerball game. Every week, there are three opportunities to win, with drawings taking place on Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday evenings.



Results from 2023 before

Reviews of The Greece Powerball

Joker, an online draw-style lottery that is a part of the OPAP portfolio for Greece, is also referred to be the country’s Powerball. The Greek Joker, a game that resembles its Powerball and World Lottery counterparts in certain ways, was developed in 1997. The game also offers fantastic prizes. The game Tzoker, which is the Greek equivalent of Joker, originally offered “winnings beyond imagination.” That objective has been accomplished in different ways.

This is one of the Mediterranean nation’s most highly lucrative lotteries. Tzoker jackpots frequently reach record highs, thus throngs of people visit OPAP retail outlets to purchase tickets in the hopes that they would alter their lives. Jackpots of more than a billion euros have been won since the game inception

How Do You Play Greek Powerball In South Africa?

Every Tuesday, Thursday, and Sunday a Greece Powerball drawing takes place. In Greece, tickets may be purchased via authorised retailers and online. There are several ways you might approach this game:

Select five digits from 1 to 45 as well as one Joker number from 1 to 20.

You are free to select more than one number.

You can enter one or more drawings.

After purchasing your entries, hold off until the drawing.

Greek Powerball Game Rules

Make sure the time and date are specified accurately; they shouldn’t be typed incorrectly.

After winning the lottery, you can speak with the official outlet.

In order for the winning sum to be determined, you must not trust any unlicensed boxes that offer you tickets. Participants in this draw must be 18 or older.

The winner has two days to collect their reward.

The winner must get in touch with the outlet senior and adhere to their rules and restrictions if the reward is not claimed by the deadline.

If the number drawn matches any one of the five numbers you choose plus the joker number, you win the prize. When you match the numbers drawn, there are eight possible methods to win prizes (1+1 joker, 2+1 joker, 3, 3+1 joker, 4, 4+1 joker, 5, and 5+1 joker).

Game Requirements & Prizes

Division 7 winners often get two right numbers plus Powerball. There are two right numbers and one Powerball in Division 7. The player receives such a reward at the top. It is two euros. Additionally, Division 6 is following Division 7. Division 6 (3 right numbers) is a favourite among players who enjoy competing and winning. They cost €2.00 as well.

Let’s end with Divisions 4 and 5, which each had four correct numbers and three correct numbers plus the Powerball, respectively. The price of the ticket is €50.00, and you have to be really lucky to win it.

History of the Greek Powerball Jackpot

You can track changes in the largest Greece Powerball jackpots over time using the jackpot history feature. Utilise the information to do analyses, comparisons, and jackpot predictions for the upcoming Greece Powerball drawing.

History of the current draw and jackpot

On February 14, 2021, Greece Powerball delivered its most recent jackpot winner. The lucky winner received €1.7 million, or almost R30 million.

Where can I get the Greece Powerball results?

It’s essential to verify the Greece Powerball results shortly after the drawing since winners have a limited window of opportunity to claim their prizes. One of the finest options for getting the results right away is to watch the drawing live on TV.

The official Greece Powerball Results website offers access to past results, details on the most recent draws, and the opportunity to check your ticket for winnings. Free statistical analysis of previous drawing outcomes for all OPAP games is also available.

Here is an idea of some numbers by which you can take an idea that how much chance of wining


What is the total number of Greek Powerball balls?

Picking 5 balls from a pool of 45 is how this lottery game is played. There are 20 Powerball numbers available as well. A single Powerball number and five regular numbers will also be picked in the draw. Similar to other lottery games, you will win the jackpot if the lot matches.

What is the Joker in Greece like?

All five of the major balls and the Joker draw must match in order to win the Joker Jackpot. In Joker, the chances of hitting the jackpot are 1 in 24,435,180.

Does the jackpot have a cap?

No, the jackpot increases each time it remains unclaimed and will keep doing so until at least one ticket matches all the numbers the winning combination.

What is the largest Greece Powerball jackpot ever?

Greece’s all-time biggest Powerball prize was €19.3 million. On April 15, 2010, three fortunate participants each received a portion of this.


Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to understand this Greece Powerball clearly and get an idea of how to play and how to get a chance of winning the game well there is the only one option that you have to play and try if you want to win so wish you best of luck 

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